Where are you?

Where are you today? Which path did you choose? Are you happy, fulfilled, growing and at peace with yourself? Or has life thrown you a curve ball that you’re not sure about? Or are you kinda okay, but you know deep within your heart, there’s more…so much more

Although the roads of joy and uncertainty seem to run parallel; a seemingly uncrossable divide between each other, the truth is that a leap requires only a small step change, a slight move of the steering wheel. It’s the consistency in the movement that will move you from misery to peace, from angry to calm, from sadness to unbreakable joy! And that small change is simply your decision; your decision to be on whichever path you choose. Now, I did say simple…though not always easy.

The instant you make a decision, your choice will seem eerily. You will wonder, what’s changed?  Here’s the thing though, nothing has. It’s all about how you perceive the scenery of your life that determines your view.  Change your outlook and with each step, each decision and each question, your life will transform right before your eyes. More importantly, you will transform into the self that is unafraid, wise, powerful and capable of absolutely anything. And that’s ultimately what our purpose in life is really about.